Chongqing RATO Holding Group Co. Ltd.

RATO,Strive To Be A Well-Respected Chinese Company Around The Globe

Chongqing RATO HOLDING(GROUP) Co., Ltd. was established and founded in 2007. With years of dedication and development, RATO has grown into a well-known manufacturing corporation within the industry, owning multiple companies in the business of general dynamics, motorcycles, gasoline engines, diesel engines, and intellectualized industry.

With the core value of Innovation, Focus, Responsibility and Sharing, RATO has always believed in the significance of talent driven innovation. We move forward by constantly renewing and refining ourselves to create values for our customers. We Strive To Be A Well-Respected Chinese Company Around The Globe.

As one of the best representatives among the greatest industrial enterprises in Chongqing, RATO has earned many awards within its area of expertise, including but not limited to The Top 500 Manufacturing Companies in China, The Top 50 Most Profitable Companies in Chongqing, The Top 100 Companies in Chongqing in 5 consecutive years, The Top 100 Manufacturing Companies in Chongqing, The Merit Industrial Enterprises of Chongqing (from the year of 2012 to 2014).

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