Systematic Thinking about Strategic Transformation

As Rato Group's first class specially set for nurturing of talented employees, Set Sail Class of the reserve team for change has witnessed 5 months of marvelous learning journeys since its start in early July this year. 49 full members of the class, selected from different positions of the group's different companies, shouldering their mission of the company's reform and elevation of themselves, studied actively and diligently. In the early winter, the Set Sail Class met its last learning stage on Nov. 26 — the 6th course — System Thinking about Strategic Transformation and ceremony of program completion, which was attended by all the trainees of the class, the middle and high-level staff of different companies, and guests from outside the group, totaling over 120 attendees.

The event that day was divided into 2 parts; the first was study of Set Sail Class' lesson. Mr. Xia Jingming, a famous expert on strategic transformation and organization development, and also vice president of China Stone Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., brought his topic Systematic Thinking about Strategic Transformation to be shared with the trainees. From 3 perspectives, namely, can transformation succeed (overall framework of strategic transformation: growth, commercial mode and organizing ability), how to understand strategy (what is strategy) and building of organizing ability for strategic transformation, his lesson gave the trainees an overall and systematic unfolding and elaboration on strategic transformation and enterprise reform. The opinion shared by him — only by "returning to common sense, to true nature and system" can we "efficiently boost an enterprise's growth" — ignited our in-depth analysis of an enterprise's strategic transformation, and also encouraged us to firmly remember our initial intention, and sustainably create value with our work.

At 4 o'clock P.M., the grand ceremony of program completion for Set Sail Class was started. Board Chair of HK Humanities Bevery Ms. Irene Ran, General Manager of KeyLogic Chongqing Company Mr. Cai Aifeng and Vice President of China Stone Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Mr. Xia Jingming attended. Board Chairman of Rato Group Mr. Zhu Liedong, first persons in charge of all subordinate companies and all the Set Sail Class' trainees also attended the ceremony.

The past 6 months witnessed 6 terms of Set Sail Class' courses, specifically the topics of Breakthrough of Thinking and Innovation, Breakthrough-level Leadership in July, both of which were experience-style learning, the sand table simulation course titled The Third Power of Reform Management in August, the topics named How to Elevate the Organization's Implementing Force and Interpretation of Huawei's Corporate Culture in September, the oriented cross-country rally and Team Implementation Result-oriented Culture lesson in October, and Systematic Thinking about Strategic Transformation this month. These courses' study took 11 days and involved totally 825 man-times of trainees, each having averagely 90 hours of learning. Although each course was opened at weekends, the attendance rate was always above 92%. In addition, each trainee averagely had 310 online subjects, involving as long as an average of 1,825 hours of online study per trainee. Statistics show that the trainees' enthusiasm for study was very high, and their participation degree was also very high. Besides, their submission of reflection after the lessons was also active; totally 310 pieces of reflection upon learning were submitted, involving 90% of them. The reflection submitted includes 30 stories of positive energy. The selected reflection upon learning and positive-energy stories have been circulated and shared through the channels like Rato View and Rato Group's official Wechat account, and have achieved very positive influence.

At the commending event, based on Wechat voting by all trainees of previous terms, trainees that stood out in terms of active learning, readiness to share, and application of learned knowledge to work were elected. Fu Xiande and Hu Bo from Rato Technology and Wu Ping from Rato Industrial won the title of Star of Study; Zhang Nan from Rato Technology, Fu Fan and Han Junfu from Rato GroupHolding won the title of Excellent Trainee with their persevering learning, which also helped them finally rank among the 3 highest scorers of credit points. The 49 trainees of the first Set Sail Class were granted the certificates of completion.

At the end of the event, Board Chairman Zhu Liedong of Rato Group delivered a keynote speech titled Let the Future Decide the Present — Rato's Reform is Ready to the Set Sail Class to encourage every trainee to become a pioneer of reform.

"I promise to set a good example with my own conduct, never cease learning, be an endeavorer and pioneer of Rato's reform!" The resounding oath manifests the strong will and determination of Set Sail Class as a team studying how to reform; it shows that every trainee is ready to embrace change. The road to change is extending from the feet of the trainees. The ceremony is a brand new start, from which every trainee will continue to practise the excellent management culture of Rato in their actual work, apply the advanced ideology they've inherited, and compete to become an endeavorer and pioneer of Rato's reform, to strive to achieve the great vision of building a Chinese enterprise respected by the whole world as early as possible!

Trainees' reflection:

Set Sail Class has completed in the grand ceremony, but the sail in our minds has just started. Completion of the previous journey means the start of a new one; we, as operators of the helm, shall serve as tinder to bring limitless positive energy to people around us along the road to Rato's reform, and keep up our passion for battle, to inspire the colleagues around us to proactively plunge into the tide of reform.

Zhu Lijuan  Runyin

The 5 months of study at the reform class has helped me find the correct method and skills for work, although we still have many problems and drawbacks, we will surely reach a new level as long as we remember our initial intention, return to the very motive, and take the destination as a new starting point, even though we advance only 1% every day! I believe, such a continuous progress will bring a qualitative change and elevation to me and the organization I belong to.

Lou Wenli  Rato Industrial

Training has concluded, but it's not an end but a new start. In the next stage, I must endeavor more diligently, keep enlarging my knowledge and improving my working capacity, and influence people around me with my actual conduct, to help make a better preparation for the company's reform.

Zhu Tingting   Rato Technology

As a member of Set Sail Class for Rato's reserve team for change, I bear the important mission of Rato's change, which is a kind of great responsibility. I'll continue wielding the spirit of Set Sail Class, and firmly root myself in my position, to give my share of thrust to Rato's change.

                                                   Qin Yu  Rato Intelligent

The training at Set Sail Class has completed and the bugle for change has been sounded; we'll apply what we've learnt, turn the theories on change into actual action, let our seeds of reform take roots and shoot, and grow into towering trees along with Rato; let me, and other people of Rato strive for a better future of Rato.

                                        Yang Xiaohong  Rato GroupHolding

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