5th Term of Set Sail Class of Rato Group's Reserve Team for Change Oriented Cross-country Rally &

From the dense fog to bright sunshine, from unreserved talks to sweating all over, from somewhat fearful onset to reaching the finish line, from egoism to formation of a solid team...The 5th learning journey of Set Sail Class brings every participant an experience both mentally and physically fruitful.


On Oct. 22, the oriented cross-country rally for Set Sail Class of Rato's reserve team for change met its exciting onset along the climbing stepway of Jinyun Mountain[A1] ; in the lush forest, the 60 plus trainees of Set Sail Class, dressed in colorful vests, after completing their qualifying match, were organized into 5 groups, then started group by group their one-day long pedestrian rally along the rugged mountain roads with unknown challenges. The uneven paths of the pedestrian rally, containing 6+2 task posts, was set in a stepped terrain, and not determined and clarified before the onset, so each group of trainees could only select the route on the site without the help of a map.The rally not only tested the trainees' physical stamina, but also their wisdom, cooperative spirit and perseverance. After 7 hours of trekking that covered over 10 kilometers, all the 5 groups finally overcome all the challenges and gathered at the predetermined time of gathering! Under the match's rule, Sword Team, Wolf Team and Red Star Team ranked the first 3, and were rated excellent teams of the match.


For the training on the second day, Dr. Weissn was invited again to bring his topic sharing titled Team Implementation Result-oriented Culture. By introducing 4 thinking modes and 7 "invariably"s, the Dr. reached his definition of result — Result is the solid achievement made by every people, on each day, and through completion of every task. To have achievements in our work, we must abide by 3 key principles, namely "The greater determination, the bigger achievement; speed No. 1, perfectness No. 2; result put before ego". The Dr. stressed that before implementing, criteria of result must be set and responsibilities must be assigned; during implementation, tracking and check must follow the work; after implementation, correction of deviation must be done by comparing with the criteria. One-to-one linkage between responsibilities and people before implementation is necessary for effectively ensuring implementing result.


The Dr. finally summarized that the ultimate aim of management is to achieve the targets, entailing requirements of the result; effective turning of management requirements into personal pursuit of each member of the team requires starting from improvement of the organizing system for management; only a perfect organizing system can ensure more people will actively pursue reach of their results!


From the pedestrian rally to the lesson in the classroom, from in-person experience to inspired thinking, the 5th learning journey of Set Sail Class has brought us a rich and profound effect. To succeed or fail? The result of action of any individual, team or enterprise will invariably be proven by results. Down-to-earth and active pursuit of results will not only ensure we'll realize everyone's own value and the team's targets, but also the enterprise's vision.


Summary of some trainees' reflection:


On the road, some teammates encouraged me, some helped carry my pack, some guided me through the slippery sections of the route, and some always walked behind me to protect me...It is they that let me more deeply understand and experience the strength of team spirit, and give me the courage and confidence to challenge myself. It isn't a mere training course, but also manifestation of Rato people's culture, spirit and values.

Zhao XiangyangRato Industrial


A company needs not only implementation, but more importantly results of implementation; resultless implementation is meaningless to the company. Only effectively implemented work that has results can ensure the company's vitality. Each of us, from the start of our work, has to follow the rule of buying our remuneration with our working results every day, and our work's value must also be proven with results. Whatever result of my work is, it's irrelevant to other people, it only about whether I'm a qualified employee, and whether my existence in the company is valuable! So, whatever we perform must have its results; that's the attitude of being responsible to ourselves.

Zhong WeiSmart Project


Even though we had taken a longer route, no one would complain or dodge his responsibility, let alone blame the teammates for not having the better result. We had no regret, because we've more deeply understood the concepts of persistence, gratitude and sharing of responsibility. When we finally rushed to the finish line with panting, flushed faces and sweating, we also enjoyed the happiness of success!

Wang MiaoRunyin Yangtze River


Two different learning and experiencing modes revealed the same truth — with a team and targets established, responsibilities come into existence; as long as members of the team cooperate with united efforts, help and encourage each other, the dreamed targets will surely be reached!

Han Junfu   Rato GroupHolding


After listening to Dr. Weissn's lesson, the word "Result" is deeply imprinted in my mind. Result is too important for everything we do, because only result can measure the effect of any work, but we are often distracted by other things like tasks, attitude, excuses, and targets. Without result, however much we do is useless, however many reasons we find are still excuses; without reaching the target set at the beginning, our work is resultless; but as long as we march tenaciously toward our target, the whole world will make way for us.

Zhu Tingting  Rato Technology


After this term, I have planned to practise what I've learned on 3 fronts: 1. Setting criteria for results, which means improving the habit of arranging every day's work, changing it from oral form to written form, and preparing a result-defined format to train myself and members of my team; 2. Tracking and check, which means 3 items under tracking and check every day; 3. Use of timely encouragement, which means oral or written incentive immediately after the check.

Xu Mingzhong   Rato Technology

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